At EDU HUB we stand firm in our commitment to deliver the best guidance and support to the students wishing to shape their career. From preparing for their school level examinations to preparing for entrance examinations to different top Engineering and Medical Colleges in Nepal as well as abroad. Guiding them through different processes and requirements for their study abroad dreams is our main motto. We operate with utmost sincerity, dedication and honesty and ensure that each of our clients leave us 100 percent satisfied with our services.


Mission Statement :

  1. To keep in mind the best interest of our clients.
  2. Aim to transforming lives by offering and delivering the right career guidance to our valued students.
  3. Backed by our expert, professional and dedicated team of professional tutors and consultants, we hope to offer students and opportunity to identify the right career path thereby facilitating lifelong learning.
    Ensure that each of our clients goes through hassle-free admission process to the institution of their choice.
  4. Quality education promotes competency and also results in overall growth and helps in the advancement of the society.


Values :

  1. Student focused and result oriented.
  2. Offering competent and quality consulting and support service.
  3. Work with integrity, honestly and transparently.
  4. Ensuring responsible student service through effective team work.
  5. Encouraging cultural diversity, motivation and leadership.


Everybody’s got ‘goals’: we believing in achieving them. 

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